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Breaking up is hard to do…are you a victim of AdWords click fraud?

How can a campaign betray you?



If you suspect you may be suffering from Adwords Click Fraud, then you probably are.

There are other ways to improve your campaign ROI, but more often than not, preventing Click Fraud attempts brings a campaign in the red to a green status.

Final Thoughts

Click fraud can have some major implications for your business. It can drain your advertising budget and cost you money, hurting your ROI. Once your budget is drained your ads will no longer be shown. This allows your competitors to swoop in and steal your customers.

You may be wondering…but how do I know if I am a victim of click fraud?

If you are investing your precious time and money into these PPC campaigns and not receiving an increase business this is a sign. Lack of conversions, sales, phone calls, website traffic, are all huge indicators of click fraud. This is a phenomenon that can affect anyone and everyone’s pay per click campaigns. Whether it be on social media or paid search platforms. Although the battle is not hopeless, there are third party service providers like ClickCease that offer full-service monitoring, protection, and detection for all AdWords PPC Campaigns.

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