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Winner winner chicken dinner…

The ClickCease team is ecstatic to announce that we have been awarded the Rising Star Award AND the Great User Experience Award for 2017 from FinancesOnline. Not only was ClickCease featured on the reputable software review site but received these extremely prestigious awards as well.

FinancesOnline’s team of experts worked diligently to analyze each and every product featured on their website. According to their experts, ClickCease scored high across all fields. FinancesOnline has created their behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm. This algorithm determines customer satisfaction by looking at customer reviews, comments, and reviews across social media platforms. Their algorithm revealed our user satisfaction score is 100%, what could be better than that?

The review highlighted the immense benefits that we have to offer. Not only, is our company an affordable solution but also offers premium click fraud protection for search engine ad campaigns. As discussed in the review, ClickCease is extremely user friendly and provides extensive information about each and every click. These details allow advertisers to better customize their fraud detection rules. Additionally, the reviews from our users suggest that our service improves CTR.

Overall, the experts at FinancesOnline agreed that our company enables advertisers to maximize conversions and increase ROI while ensuring only real potential customers are clicking their ads.

Final Thoughts

When devising your next ad campaign consider ClickCease to fully protect your ads.