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Take a moment and think about the last thing you purchased something. Think about the process you went through, more often than not you didn’t just walk into the store or go on the website and purchase the product right there on the spot. You probably browsed the website, looked at various products, visited the site or store and did your due diligence. Maybe you check out the competition as well to get a feel but most importantly you probably meticulously analyzed the reviews and ratings. Customer reviews and ratings are the new holy grail of e-commerce. Today, customers are paralyzed until they see a five-star rating or rave reviews. This phenomenon first started with movies and has really sculpted this new age of consumerism.

This is not only for products on the websites themselves but for paid advertisements as well. Adding a rating to your advertisement is a great hack to make the most of your ad copy and added immense value all in one fell swoop. By adding a rating to your paid advertisement consumers have that extra level of trust and reassurance they are so desperately looking for. The social proof is obvious, customer’s need validation and proof now more than ever.

Final Thoughts

So now, it’s more important than ever to not only have reviews and ratings but make sure they are of top notch quality. But how? Ratings and reviews services like eKomi are a great option. The ratings and reviews giant has helped tens of thousands of companies enable trust, increase sales, and drive organic traffic. Companies who have used eKomi have seen a 17% increase in the CTR after adding star ratings to their ad campaigns. What more could you ask for? If you’re looking to take your products and services to the next level then ratings and reviews are most definitely your next move in order to improve and grow your business.