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Posted by Ilan Missulawin on Feb 9, 2017 3:37:09 PM

We are really excited to share with you the latest update to the ClickCease platform. We have released 2 new tools that revolve around your $$$.

Tool #1 - Conversion Tracking

Tool #2 - Automatic AdWords refund claims 

Let's dive in and see how these new tools can help out your campaign...and your wallet. 

1. Conversion tracking - Tracking conversions provides a better understanding of your legitimate customers' behavior, allowing to differentiate fake traffic from genuine traffic. This is an additional layer of click fraud detection which now you can have full access to.

When a conversion takes place, ClickCease will study the customers behavior prior to the conversion event and will take it into account before blocking IPs in the future. This method aids us in minimizing the number of false positive IPs to a minimum.

All you need to do is slap some code on your thank you page and we will make some magic happen. Don't forget to check out the conversion tracking zone in your dashboard.

conversion tracking

Ok, on to the next awesome money saving feature:

2. Automated refund claims - Adwords lets you file for an investigation every couple of months in which they will look into the data you provide and decide whether you are deserving of a refund..or not. In order to file this report, you basically need to free up a pretty big chunk of you life compiling all the data points they request. Here are a few:

  • "A short summary of why you believe the click activity is suspicious."
  • GCLID values
  • User AgentUser
  • Referrer URL information
  • Campaign name effected
  • Keywords affected
  • Date ranges
  • IP adresses (oh and subnets, just in case you feel fancy and have an extra couple of hours freed up from your daily hustle)

This process is extremely time consuming. Google are basically making you become a detective, present them with your findigns in an orderly fashion, and then they will decide if you deserve some money back.

We are really excited to present our customers with a solution to this headache: Automoatic AdWords Refund Claims.


This automation will save advertisers loads of time and will also present all the necessary data to Google just like they like it, increasing the chances for getting a refund.




All you need to do is select the YES button in the refunds zone in your dashboard and we will automatically compile all the data you need and personally send the file to Google.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 4.54.16 PM.png

Please note that these tools are availble only for Standard plan users.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think of our new features!





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